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Basic Training Program Now Available

The International Council on Cold Exposure (ICCE) presents the world's first ice bath & breathwork training programs that incorporate the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of these life-changing practices. 


ICCE Method Training Programs

ICCE Method Basic Training

Level 1 Instructor Training

Level 2 Instructor Training

The ICCE Method Basic Training program is an introductory course that allows the trainee to access a path of self discovery and education to see if ice bathing is right for them and/or their clients. The program offers an overview of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the self while experiencing cold exposure. The course includes modules on theory, science, method, safety and evidence based research to help the trainee be able to personally enjoy and later guide an ice bath. This course is 80% about you and 20% about your clients.

The Level 1 Instructor Training is for trainees looking to build a business or add to their existing business using ice baths as a tool in which they find authentic value.  ICCE will teach its members about client assessment,  emerging science using evidence based knowledge related to cold exposure from the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual points of view using its councils collective experience and hands on knowledge. This course is 20% about you and 80% about your clients.

The Level 2 Instructor Training is for Level 1 Instructors who want an immersive in-person experience to go deeper into the world of ice bathing as a teachable practice.  The 4 day intensive program is designed to cover as much information in a practical setting as possible. You will leave both satisfied and equally exhausted. These events are held 2-3 times per year in Tulum, Mexico and Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

"Meet yourself in the ice"

- Janis White

Person in Ice Bath
Ice Bath on Beach

Become a master of you

Person in Ice Bath

For many years I have been doing ice baths and first started in a Wim Hof seminar. Jeff & Janis however have taken to it to a new elevated level. Their extensive knowledge and pure passion for what they do allows you to enter into a much better Zen state of mind making the ice bath the best ever. This combined with the extensive information given in regards to anti-aging along the way, creates an experience unlike any other. 
In addition, the breathwork technique is incredible. I have been doing breathwork for a couple of years. My personal best breathhold was 2:30. 
Amazingly, in just one session with Jeff, my time went up to 3:26. Wow, I could not believe it. 

David Yeager, 66, Retired Architect

Person in Ice Bath

I started training with Jeff in early 2021 with a group of business owners and athletes.  I have a high stress job managing and coaching a team of almost 20,000 people in direct marketing. Jeff spoke directly to each of us in a subtly different way and I’ll never forget what he told me during those first sessions. Jeff said, “Alex dont fight with the pain, make friends with the pain.”  I’ve taken that idea and used it ever since, the idea of being present & surrendering to what is has proven extremely valuable and I’m thankful to still be training with Jeff and now Janis every week since.

Alex Kahlsdorf, 37, Marketing Director

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